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Mich Talebzadeh

I am an award winning technology expert with extensive experience in the architecture, project management, design and development of distributed systems on UNIX/Linux and Windows platforms, within mainly investment banking. Competency in Big Data especially Hadoop and Hive, CEP, Oracle, Oracle TimesTen, Sybase, Oracle Coherence Cache, Hadoop multi-node setup, Yarn, time-series database Historis, Tableau, Progress software ODBC drivers and associated database technologies. Strong experience in Highly Concurrent and Multi-threaded Development in distributed databases, spanning multiple geographical locations.

Publications due shortly:
Creating in-memory Data Grid for Trading Systems with Oracle TimesTen and Coherence Cache


  1. Profiiciency in installation of Hadoop multi-node,Hive, Sqoop and others
  2. Familiarity with Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Enterprise Architect tool
  3. Specialist in the strategic use of Complex Event Processing, Oracle, Sybase and in-memory databases
  4.  Managing major computer development projects and providing a wide range of technical and consultancy services.
  5. Experience of running and dealing with multi-disciplined teams of consultants, contractors and in-house staff
  6. Technical and Solution Architect, good technical and working knowledge of Client-Server Architecture, CASE tools, Structured Methods and Database Systems.
  7. Specialist in creating global trading systems
  8. Speciality in Sybase peer-to-peer Replication and Oracle Streams
  9. Large scale production and development DBA experience
  10. Analysis of customer environments, design of strategies, and technical architectures. Projects’ implementation
  11. Extensive financial industry experience. Good knowledge of Securities, Bonds, Equities, Fixed income, web enabled portfolio management systems, global markets, Imagine, Gloss, Fidessa, Sierra, Sophis, CFDs and Corporate Banking
  12. Proven Change Management and Crisis Management skills. Good knowledge of strategic I.T. planning.



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