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Knowing one database and learning another March 27, 2012

Posted by Mich Talebzadeh in Oracle and Sybase.

Many people ask me the easiest way of learning another database based on your current knowledge. For example how to learn Oracle knowing Sybase ASE. I am sure many people have been through that route.

Well it is always natural. Oracle looks harder to someone because he/she  “thinks” in Sybase. Sybase may look hard to someone else because he/she “thinks” in Oracle.

In general in order to overcome the learning barrier you need to accept the fact that these two databases do many thinks in common and some of the stuff differently. My suggestion is to try to avoid interpreting the way things are done in say ASE and do not bring your opinion (read bias) into it. Locking, concurrency, Oracle MVRC and other stuff are different in these two engines and the best way to learn is to accept them as they are and not interpreting them.

In general most RDBMSs can achieve the same thing in different ways. Knowing one database and learning another is great in that you are familiar with the whole theory and all you need to know is the implementation and syntax.

Also bear in mind that there are architectural differences between ASE and Oracle. Oracle uses process pool model and ASE is Multi-threaded. That makes things slightly more complicated.


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